Training Officer

Brandon Vaughan (704)

Mobile: 434-265-4909

Fire Dept: 434-447-8227

Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC)

Additional Information

Location: Meck/Bruns Regional Fire Training Facility

Dates: July 23, July 25, and July 28

Time: 6:00pm on 7/23 and 7/25, 8:00am on 7/28

Registration: Pre-Register all members who will be attending with Michael Vaughan. This is a non-funded class being provided at no cost.

Desc: A course designed to enhance safe vehicle operations by stressing theory and principles of defensive driving in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

The course requires 16 hours of instruction (100% attendance required for cert.) 8 hours classroom and 8 hours consisting of practicals. A written exam is required for the classroom portion and students will be evaluated during the driving excercise.

Prerequisites: Students must have a valid driver's license in order to participate in the practical exercises. Students must be 18 years of age (minimum) to receive certificate.

Hours: 16

Standard/Reg: NFPA 1002

Textbook: Student Manuals: EVOC Student Guide

POC: Michael Vaughan, Deputy Chief, South Hill Vol. Fire Department, 

434-247-6998 or