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On October 19, 1972, fourteen wives met in the fire department's meeting room located in what is
now the South Hill Police Department. The Ladies Auxiliary was formed to become a part of the fire
department. Officers were elected and the purposes of the auxiliary were established. They included (1)
to work as a support group for the South Hill Volunteer Fire Department; (2) to provide food, drink and
other necessary supplies at large incidents; and (3) to be a fund-raising project was a bazaar which made
over a $300 profit. This proved that the people of South Hill were truly supportive of their volunteers.

The auxiliary has not only met but exceeded their three goals. Over the years the group has succeeded
in being a fund-raising organization. Its fund-raising projects have included bingo, cookbooks, Spring
Fest booth, suppers, womanless beauty pageants, rock-a-thons, trike-a-thons, dance recitals, and sales
of various items.

Auxiliary members are often called upon to support the firefighters with fundraisers. These have
included two fish suppers and two stews each year. They have also assisted with the door-to-door
campaign and bucket drives.

In the event of a large fire incident the auxiliary when called upon goes to aid in bringing food and
drinks to keep the firefighters hydrated and energy level up to do their job at the fire scene.

The auxiliary continues to add a touch of class to the department. The Ladies Auxiliary has
beautifully decorated the original fire station and newer addition providing custom drapes and wall
hangings. They have also furnished the kitchen with all the necessities.

The Ladies Auxiliary composed of both Active and Life members have over the past forty two
years made a tremendous contribution to the success of the department.

Calls Run In 2018
 2017  - 597
 Jan  49 49
 Feb 35 84
 Mar 66 150
 Apr 41 191
 May 55 246
 June 46 292
 July 46 338
 Aug 48 386
 Sept 57


South Hill Volunteer Fire Department
114 North Brunswick Avenue
South Hill, Va 23970
Phone: 434-447-8227